Frances Steinberg, PhD, psychologist, acupuncturist, martial artist, interactive learning designer, received her doctorate from The Johns Hopkins University in 1975. She has worked in a variety of settings including special schools for emotionally disturbed students, private practice, and rape crisis centers.  Frances spends most of her time presenting keynote addresses and training workshops on a variety of topics for mental health professionals, educators, and social workers across New Zealand and internationally.  Frances produced the AD/HD DVD Getting it Right, the Interactive Programs The Power of Once, The Curse of Competence, Making Responsible Decisions about Drinking During Pregnancy, The Adventures of Chipster, and De-VOLUTION. Frances is the author of the novels, The Pocket Messiah (and its accompanying storybook, Tales from The Pocket Messiah), Meditations on the Line of Harmony, and Tawhito as well as the play, Routine Magic.

Richard G. Whiteside, MSW received his Masters in Social Work from Atlanta University in the United States in 1977.  This was followed by post-graduate training at the Family Therapy Institute, with Jay Haley and Cloe Madanes, where he subsequently provided supervision and teaching for ten years. In 1994 Rick moved to New Zealand and developed the Family Therapy Team at Waitemata DHB where he also served as Service Clinical Director for Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health.  Rick is an Approved Trainer and Supervisor for NZAFT and provides training and supervision both in New Zealand and internationally. Rick is the author of The Art of Using and Losing Control: Adjusting the Therapeutic Stance.

Together, Rick and Frances have written numerous books including Creating Partnerships, Whispers from the East, When Your Lover Leaves You, Working with Difficult Clients, and Becoming Dragon as well as developing the interactive resources, An Interactive Guide to Family Therapy, DUMPEDRx,  and the FLEX-ible Series.

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