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School and class-wide behaviour plans are wonderful except for that percentage of students whose issues require a more individualised approach. In this online guide, participants will learn concrete, effective strategies that will make their work with the most challenging students and their families more productive and effective.

Users will learn:

• How to achieve success with even the most resistant individuals

• How to utilise the student’s strengths to manage their difficult behaviour

• Strategies for dealing with a range of common problems (acting out, defiance, anxiety, bullying)

• What to do when what you normally do isn’t working

Frances  Steinberg, PhD

Working with Challenging Behaviour (what to do when classroom-wide interventions aren’t succeeding)

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BEH (for educators of years 0-12)

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BEHP (for educators of years 0-8)

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BEHS (for educators of years 0-12)